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About me

I'm Devin Ross and I am a Product Designer based out of Denver, CO.


I have about 5 years of experience working in Product; I've worked as a Business Analyst, Customer Experience Consultant, and a Product Manager and Designer.


I've always loved analyzing and understanding people – I originally went to college to become a psychologist and therapist.  I soon realized that wasn't for me, but I wanted to see how people interacted with the world around them and potentially have some impact on it. 

As a product designer, I absolutely love the beginning stages of building a product. I love to understand the user in-depth and figure out exactly what they need. With my background in and passion for psychology, my goal is to empathize as much as possible with each person and to have them feel heard. 

At work, I love collaborating with teammates and bouncing ideas off of others. I enjoy communicating and public speaking/presenting my designs, and I'm able to work quickly, thoroughly, and efficiently.


Outside of work, I love hanging with my greyhound Luna, singing, dancing, reading, writing (check out my Medium!), traveling, and doing makeup. I'm extremely passionate about mental health and consider myself an ally to the LGBTQIA+ community. 🌈 

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